About Us

LiberTea Association has been established on 8th of May 2017. We commit to protect environment, encourage social integration and act to prevent discrimination of any kind.

Our actions:

  • Beautiful day for cleaning

Cleaning green parts of a city together with local societies community. There is a barbecue afterwards where participants of the cleaning action integrate after the activity. We aim to prepare and promote attractive recreational sites as well as educate society about the importance of waste management and waste reduction.

  • Repair Cafe

Repairing broken items skill are rare and throw away culture is dominant. We gather together local communities on Repairs Cafes where everyone can bring anything to fix it together with expert volunteers. It might be clothing, toys, computers, electronics, jewllery, bikes and other items. The event is happening in cooperation with Repair Cafe International Foundation. Toss it? No way!

  • #codziennie5 campaign

This is a month long campaign that anyone is welcome to join. Participants are supposed to picki up at least 5 trash items a day for 31 days challenge and post photos of these on social media with #codziennie5 hashtag. By this action, we aim to encourage environmentally conscious behaviours as well as promoting taking responsibility for our closest surroundings.

  • Upcycling workshops

We lead various artistic workshops for children, youth and adults in Silesian region. We use waste and give these second life, minimalizing use of new materials. The goal of the workshops is artistical growth, social integration and boost of environmental consciousness.

  • DIY workshops

We lead workshops of making your own, natural and safe for use, cleaning supplies, personal hygene and beauty products. The aim of workshops is to spread the skill and interest in making your own products and reduce the amount of plastic disposal packaging that comes with ready to use products.

  • Cyclical zero waste meetings in Silesia

Meetings are organized in cooperation with Polish Zero Waste Association and the main aim is expanding environmentally friendly behaviour and knowledge, as well as integration and discussion of zero waste local community.

  • Ecological education

We lead workshops and provide lessons for any age groups. Our main interest topics are: circular economy, plastic pollution, selective collection of waste and waste reduction.